“I’m passionate about putting Northland families first & focusing on the issues that matter most to our community.”


What matters most to me are the issues affecting the lives of my family, friends and neighbors in District 14. I want to hear as many perspectives as possible because this campaign is about all of us, so if there's something you're passionate about and you don't see it here, please reach out!

Public Education
Our Children Deserve Better

As a product of public education myself, and a stepmom to a 10-year-old who attends a Missouri public school, I’ve witnessed and experienced the benefits of effective, well-funded public education. I believe the most important gift you can give a child is education, and like you, I have a vested interest in making sure our children are given every opportunity to succeed.

Missouri ranks 42 in the nation in terms of teacher salary and state spending per student. Not only that, but 96 Missouri public schools have been forced to switch to a 4-day week because they can’t afford to bus kids to school 5 days a week. How can we expect these students to compete with their peers—now and in the future—when they simply aren't receiving the same quality of education?

Our children deserve better. If elected, I will support educators, stand up for our students and fight to fully fund public education every chance I get.

Affordable Health Care
Expanding Access to Care

I’m a small business owner with a creative background. Over the course of my career, my employment has ranged from freelance to full-time and everything in between. I’ve been uninsured, under-insured and fully insured. There were times I could barely afford my monthly premium and times when I was forced to remain uninsured due to the cost.

My experience is not unique. Our healthcare system is undeniably broken, and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vast inequities and roadblocks Americans face every day in the pursuit of healthcare for themselves and their families.

Missourians deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare—without the stress and financial burden that too many families endure. In order to achieve this, we need to pass Medicaid expansion and truly address the impact healthcare costs have on our economy.

Fair & Transparent Government
Our Democracy Depends on It

One of the biggest hurdles Missourians face is a lack of fair representation in our state legislature. Of 163 house districts, 114 seats are held by Republicans and 48 are held by Democrats. The technical term for this is a legislative supermajority, and it simply does not represent the diversity of views and experiences of all Missourians.

In 2018, 62 percent of Missourians voted to pass Clean Missouri—an amendment designed to make our state government more transparent, limit the influence of big money in our legislature, ensure bipartisan redistricting, and hold elected leaders accountable when they don’t act in the best interest of the public. Since then, Republican lawmakers have been trying to overturn the will of the voters, and this session, they got their way with SJR 38, or "Dirty Missouri". This amendment is similar to Clean Missouri, but does not prevent partisan redistricting (gerrymandering) of our state's districts—which helps incumbent Republicans hold on to their seats and power.

Additionally, the Republican leadership in Missouri—from Governor Parson down to the legislature—seems fully committed to restricting our voting rights while Missourians are struggling to regain any sense of normalcy during this pandemic. These efforts are undemocratic and unacceptable.

Transparency at all levels of government is not only crucial to the success of our democracy, it’s what Missourians want. I’m passionate about making sure our state government is fair, transparent and responsive to constituents.

Workers' Rights
Supporting Missouri Workers

My grandfather was a proud union member who understood the value of hard work and took pride in his ability to provide for his large family. With 13 kids (not a typo!), his union membership allowed him to put food on the table and ensure his wife and children had access to health care.

It may be a cliché, but I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. And as a business owner myself, I believe companies must pay workers a fair, living wage and allow them to organize and advocate for themselves because it paves the way for those workers, their families and their communities to truly succeed.

In 2018, Missouri voters overwhelmingly blocked a right-to-work law that was passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2017—but the fight is far from over because two years later, the legislature is still controlled by Republicans and they're working harder than ever to get their way.

Workers across the state deserve the dignity of earning a living wage and the ability to retain their collective bargaining rights. Fighting alongside hardworking Missourians is truly an honor, and I’m proud to support union members in District 14 and across our state.

Protecting Our Families
Solutions to Keep Our Families Safe

Missouri families face threats big and small each and every day. Whether it's gun violence and crime or the opioid epidemic, food insecurity and inequality—you deserve a representative who sees your challenges and is willing to address them head-on.

As a wife and stepmom, one of my biggest priorities is ensuring my family’s safety and security, but I understand that due to the vast inequalities in our society, not every household has the same opportunities as our family does. That’s why it’s important to me to work with my neighbors in the 14th District to find solutions that keep all our families safe.

I’m a proud member of Moms Demand Action, and I believe that a common-sense approach to legislation which supports responsible gun ownership is a key component of protecting our families. Additionally, it’s imperative that we reduce the burdens on families which lead to unfavorable outcomes. This includes supporting our first responders, creating a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) to address the opioid epidemic, offering community resources to families struggling financially and passing legislation that ensures equality for marginalized groups.